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ShifD is a data synchronization tool for Windows based on Adobe Air
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The New York Times Company

ShifD is a data synchronization tool for Windows based on Adobe Air. This application will also work on Mac OS X and Linux thanks to the AIR framework. ShifD allows you to add information to the ShifD servers and then sync all your devices with that information. The practical use for this would be, for example, to add reminders. If you are somewhere where you don't have your computer or a pen to save a bookmark, an address, etc, you can simply do it with your mobile phone. Any web-enabled device will do. Later on, you can download that information from the desktop application (the Adobe AIR app). There, you will see a single window with all the information in it. The first thing you will see is a text field. There you can quick-add notes. Just type whatever you want to add and hit Add. Once you have added lots of notes, you will see that it is hard to find them. ShifD adds a filter adding system and a search engine for that. You can even add keywords to your notes so that it would be easy to find them. ShifD does a great job of syncing with the servers both on mobile devices and with the application, so it shouldn't be hard to get used to doing this instead of sending wasteful SMS messages to yourself with song names or addresses.

José Fernández
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